Underfloor Heating

Warming up your home with underfloor heating is simple, affordable and effortless. With the touch of a button you can enjoy total control over the temperature in your entire home. This type of heating system is ideal for any property with hard floors, including houses, flats, apartments, workshops and offices.

Solar Installations

Solar & Battery Backup System Installations.

We offer a range of solar power installation services for home and commercial applications. Whether you're in need of a residential solar panel installation or a commercial solar panel installation, we can help you get started with your project.


Need a professional electrician? Vyfster Elektries! With 30 years of experience, you can trust us to do the job right. Give us a call today and we'll get started on designing your home's electrical system.

We're a team of qualified and experienced electrical contractors in the region. We offer a wide range of utilities and services for your home and commercial areas.



Vyfster Elektries is a team of experienced electricians who specialize in commercial installations, retrofits, and remodeling. We also provide commercial electrical maintenance services to keep your project running at top efficiency.

Electrical Compliance Certificate

Certificates are not for everyone, but commercial residential electrical compliance certification is. Let commercial residential electrical compliance certification experts provide you with the required documents to comply with any local building codes. Our experts will certify your work in a timely manner, so you can rest assured that your business is in compliance with all local building codes.


Electrical Construction

If you're ever in need of any electrical installation, maintenance, or repairs, you're likely to be concerned about the cost, the safety of your environment, and the general mess that often accompanies any kind of construction.

When it comes to electrical work, an electrician doesn't just come to install something and leave. Safety is always the top priority. Safety is paramount to us. Quality work is our guarantee.

It's never been easier to find a proficient electrician who can handle all aspects of your electrical needs. From installation or repair to remodeling or maintenance, we have everything covered at Vyfster Elektries Construction Services. We're experienced in commercial and residential projects alike and are highly rated.

Generator Installations

Do you need a generator installed, but don't want to worry about the price or installation process?

We specialize in electrical generator installation, and we're proud to say that we're one of the safest and most trusted companies in the industry.

Don't waste your time with other companies - contact us today for a quote, and we'll make sure you get a fast response from our team.

We can provide you with an electrical installation for your generator, whether you need it to power up your home or simply want to generate electricity from solar panels.